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Emergence Life Coaching Package

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Terms & Conditions



This coaching (which is not advice, therapy, or counseling), is designed to optimize everything around the coachee’s own unique psychology, physiology and life situation. The purpose of this coaching is to nurture growth and development as well as facilitate the process of change. It is self-directed and goal orientated. Much of the learning from coaching occurs between the sessions.

Throughout the working relationship, the coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. We promise you that all information provided to the coach will be kept strictly confidential. If the coachee feels the coaching is not working as desired, the coachee will communicate this and take action to return the power to the coaching relationship.


I’m excited to be working together on my personal growth!  I will diligently complete the action steps we agree on, and be punctual for our meetings so we’ll make the most of our time together.  I will consistently take the initiative with you in this relationship.  I’m responsible for my life, and I’ll make and follow through with my choices about what actions to take and what we work on together. I will be a trustworthy partner, honest and open with you about what is going on in my life, and handling what you share with me with respect and discretion.


I am excited about coaching with you to take on your life!  I covenant with you to be punctual and well-prepared so we can make the most of our time together.  I will be a trustworthy partner, honest and open with you about what is going on in my life, and handling what you share with me with respect and discretion.  I’m committed to believing in you, being a champion for what you want to create, supporting you in your change goals, and helping you to design a life of your dreams and live as your best self. You can count on me to listen well, affirm often, challenge your thinking, and relate to you as a high performer who is committed to your stated growth goal.


  1. The coach’s role is to nurture a process of change. The success of this is measured through progress that is meaningful to the coachee. The conditions for meaningful progress take time and can feel harder than most of us would sign up for at the outset. The potential results, however, are game changing. Coach and coachee will agree on what meaningful progress looks like.
  2. The power of the coaching relationship is granted by the coachee. Meaningful progress can be made when the coachee agrees to unlock the power of the coaching relationship.
  3. True partnerships are anchored to deep connection (rather than transactional outcomes). If at any time value is not being created the coach and coachee can decide to either deepen their commitment or amicably part ways.
  4. Collaboration is key. When coach and coachee are working together, the insights are richer and the value is greater.



  1. Meeting Frequency :We’ll meet weekly for 60 minutes per session, over Zoom or telephone.
  2. Commitment: We’re committed to working together in a coaching relationship.
  3. Review:We will take time to review how our relationship is going and make any needed adjustments after session seven.
  4. Outside Perspective:I periodically approach other coaches, mentors, trainers, and groups I participate in for my development for advice and consultation on my coaching relationships to offer you the best service I can.  I’ll never share names or personal details.
  5. Responsibility for Results:It is your responsibility to take the coaching and create positive change and transformation through this coaching module.  It is my responsibility to structure and manage the coaching conversation.
  6. Agenda and Action:It is your responsibility to set the agenda for both the coaching module and each individual coaching session.  You will complete and email all assignments at least 24 hours prior to our weekly scheduled meeting in order to maximize our time and set a clear agenda.  Each week during the call , you will capture and commit to taking actions toward your growth goal, and will share these actions with me as the coach.  Our appointments may be cancelled if agreed-upon action steps have not been substantially completed prior to the next coaching session.
  7. Schedule:We will respect each other’s schedules by making every effort to hold rescheduling and cancellations to a minimum.  Times for coaching sessions may only be changed by you if you give your coach no less than 48 hours’ notice. A Coaching Session may be deemed to have taken place if less than 48 hours’ notice is given. If your coach cancels a Session then the Session will be rescheduled at an agreed time.
  8. Initiative: If I cannot make a meeting or meet expectations, I will take initiative and let you know and reschedule with as much notice as possible (24 hours minimum).
  9. Preparation for Sessions – You agree to perform all actions forming part of the coaching sessions and also carry out any act, matter or thing in preparation for future sessions as determined by you. You agree to advise me as soon as you become aware that these actions will not or cannot be performed. If you refuse to carry out such actions then this agreement shall be terminable by me.
  10. No Warranties Given – we make no representation or warranty to you that any of the coaching methods or the sessions will work for your particular circumstances. You will not hold your coach responsible for the failure (in whole or part) to achieve any of your goals.
  11. Engagement Options: While RYAN WATTS Life Coaching offers many opportunities to engage, you are only committing to weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.  Any other opportunities to participate (Facebook Group, Marco Polo, Habit Challenges, Trello Boards, HRV Tracking, et al) are purely elective.
  12. Continuity: It’s typical for clients to coach with me for multiple quarter-long modules to continue elevating performance in many areas of their lives.  We’ll discuss your openness to continue with coaching on or before the tenth session.