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#11 - Coaching vs. College

In this episode, we look at why I believe coaching is a better investment than college.

- **00:01-00:31:** Introduction to the podcast, mentioning the availability of resources and worksheets online for personal success.

- **00:31-01:26:** Introduction to the episode's topic - coaching vs. college. Ryan expresses his bias against college, despite having multiple degrees, and discusses how college taught him about the subjective nature of right and wrong.

- **01:50-02:58:** Discussion on the concept of right and wrong learned during undergraduate studies. Post-graduation, he learned about universal uncertainty and the strategies successful people use to manage it. Critique of the high cost of college education and the burden of student debt.

- **03:25-04:17:** The financial burden of graduate degrees is highlighted, along with the predatory lending practices in student loans.

- **04:45-06:16:** Discussion on the gap between academic knowledge and its practical application. Ryan reflects on his own learning experiences in various educational programs compared to what he learned in coaching.

- **06:46-09:34:** Explanation of the benefits of coaching, emphasizing its specificity and real-world application. Ryan shares his personal experiences and the value he found in coaching over formal education.

- **10:00-12:22:** Further discussion on the advantages of coaching, including its tailored approach and real-world relevance. Ryan challenges the traditional mindset associated with college education and degrees.

- **12:47-14:41:** Critique of the college mindset focused solely on degrees and job prospects, ignoring immediate contentment and personal values. Emphasis on the importance of clarity and strategy in coaching.

- **15:07-17:04:** Ryan shares personal anecdotes to illustrate the benefits of coaching in achieving clarity, developing strategies, and embracing a growth mindset.

- **17:54-19:28:** Discussion on the mindset work in coaching, contrasting it with college education. Focus on energy management and the growth mindset as key components of successful coaching.

- **19:56-21:19:** Argument for the cost-effectiveness of coaching compared to the debt incurred from college education. Emphasis on skills acquisition and real-world application through coaching.

- **21:39-22:22:** Application of coaching in specific industries like restaurant management, highlighting its practical benefits.

- **22:50-24:29:** Final thoughts on the value of coaching over college, with coaching providing specific experiences and immediate success. Ryan encourages listeners to consider coaching as a viable and effective alternative to traditional college education.