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#12 - Empowering Your 168!

What are you doing to take control of your life at a weekly level?

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00:03: Introduction to the podcast.

00:19: Discussion on empowering your 168 (the 168 hours in a week).

00:57: Ryan's personal reflection on life and automatic behaviors.

02:22: Steps to make changes in life.

03:06: Process of empowering your life and giving yourself grace.

03:35: Detailed breakdown of the 168-hour weekly schedule.

07:40: Importance of social and family time.

08:31: Emphasizing relaxation, recovery, and leisure.

09:26: Adjusting weekly time allocations and subcategories.

10:21: Aspirational weekly planning.

13:09: Planning social and family time.

14:06: Recovery time and active relaxation.

15:16: Mindfulness and reflection.

16:08: The transformative power of sleep.

17:02: Reviewing and adjusting weekly plans.

17:25: Invitation for a consult with Ryan.

18:23: Discussion on the three life currencies: time, energy, and money.

19:02: Conclusion and shoutout for the Personal Success Accelerator course.