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#18 - SUCCESS IQ: Self-Awareness

In this episode of the Ryan Watts Life Coaching Podcast, Ryan delves into the crucial aspect of success IQ: self-awareness. He outlines self-awareness as the conscious understanding of one’s character, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, values, and goals, highlighting its role as a foundational component of emotional intelligence and Success IQ. Ryan introduces the six dimensions of self-awareness: emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment, self-confidence, values clarification, mindfulness, and intuition, providing insights and practical examples for each.

Through compelling storytelling, Ryan illustrates how these dimensions play out in real-life scenarios, from navigating tense workplace meetings with emotional awareness to leveraging intuition for breakthroughs in challenging situations.


- 00:00 Introduction and Welcome
- 00:16 Overview of Success IQ and Self-Awareness
- 01:25 Defining Self-Awareness
- 02:26 Dimensions of Self-Awareness: Emotional Awareness, Accurate Self-Assessment, Self-Confidence, Values Clarification, Mindfulness, Intuition
- 04:14 Emotional Awareness: Practical Application in a Workplace Scenario
- 12:30 Introduction to Accurate Self-Assessment
- 13:21 Story Scenario Highlighting Self-Assessment and Self-Confidence in a Tech Startup Context
- 20:16 Introduction to Values Clarification
- 20:42 Story Scenario about a Marketing Executive Facing Ethical Dilemmas
- 27:45 Introduction to Mindfulness
- 28:05 Practical Application of Mindfulness in Managing Work Stress
- 32:38 Introduction to Intuition
- 33:00 Story Scenario Demonstrating the Importance of Intuition in Problem-Solving
- 38:32 Closing Remarks and Invitation to Engage Further with Ryan Watts Life Coaching