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Guest Blog: The Grand Master

mindvybe vagus nerve Jun 30, 2023
Lisa Frattali, of

Can you harness the power of Vagus?

We all live in a continuum from floundering to flourishing. Some struggle with stress, anxiety,  feeling of overwhelm & burnout. Burnout could be considered the manifestation of living with stress, anxiety, depression for extended periods. Our physical and mental wellness fluctuates throughout our lives. The sad reality , the more we’ve become technologically proficient the longer the periods of disengagement from our peers, family and friends pervade our lives. The perversion of the digital world has led us to a distortion of meaning and to a myriad of dysfunctional behaviors.

The Vagus Nerve is the Grand Master behind all the major functions of our bodies, ie. heart, digestion, respiration. It’s the 10th cranial nerve that runs from your head to your gut. It influences nearly every internal organ. Think of it this way your Vagus Nerve is your personal highway to lasting health, true well-being with a peaceful soulful presence. You know when you're out of sorts, you reach for substances that may settle your Vagus for a bit but the unintended side effects are more troublesome than the initial feeling of anxiousness and so the cycle of unwellness is born.

The Mindvybe is a Medication Free Solution. It is a patented First- in- class Micro Current Vagus Nerve and Acupressure Point Stimulator that has been shown to quickly boost, calm, improve focus and overall wellness. It stimulates multiple points and there’s No Risk of Overuse.

Mindvybe enhances Vagal tone and balances neurohormones that are essential for optimizing health.

After as little as 5, 25 minute sessions you’ll experience positive physiological changes, peacefulness & calm,that incessant critic in your head is silenced. Your true essence emerges ,an embrace of the wonder & fullness of life.

Serenity, Wholeness. Peace.

Wouldn’t you like to experience MINDVYBE?

Lisa Frattali 

Neuroscience Peak Performance Coach



From Ryan:

I believe this type of device is the device of the future. The purpose of this blog post is to introduce this idea to this community and give you the opportunity to ask questions and consider the meaning of this type of technology. I urge you to reach out to Lisa with questions.

As a coach and mental health advocate, I have spent incredible amounts of time researching what might be the root of mental health concerns. In this work, I've discovered that much of the rise in mental health issues comes from our constant, "always on" culture, and our screens. Mainly, our cell phone screens.

Corporate systems designed to get our attention have done more than succeed in this endeavor. They've also made it difficult for us to gain control over our minds due to the constant stimulation. Researchers even point to a growing trait in the population referred to as ADT or Attention Deficit Trait caused by the constant stimulation.Technological advances have exacerbated these issues with exponential efficiency.

The result has been an uptick in mental health diagnosis and concern. While the free market and technology have challenged the human brain, there are those who work with technology to balance the damage technology does. One such company is This company creates music that mimics brain waves to induce focus, relaxation, meditation, and more. I've used this product and it has made a difference. My newborn sons fall quickly asleep to the sleep tracks. Andrew Huberman recently noted that "binaural waves" - two tones occurring and different frequencies - can greatly increase focus. Additionally, there are countless meditation apps, visual apps that calm the mind and more.

Essentially, these technologies work by using our senses to stimulate the Vagus nerve - a cranial nerve responsible for oscillation between the "fight or flight" side of our nervous system and our "rest and digest side". The world we live in and our very nature as human beings has us constantly in the sympathetic mode or the fight or flight state. Extended periods of time spent in this mode leads to trauma, anxiety, depression, and other serious mental health issues. 

Exercise, physical touch, meditation, and sleep help us stay in touch with our parasympathetic or rest and digest side of our nervous system. However, most of us spend too little time here. Devices such that Lisa describes are an answer (or at least part of an answer) to this concern.


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