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#29 - "You're on the wrong life path, you can feel it…"

This is the first episode in our rebranding from the "Ryan Watts Life Coaching Podcast" to the "Personal Success Podcast with Ryan".

In this episode of the Personal Success Podcast, Ryan Watts takes us on an introspective journey to discover what it means to be on the right path in life. Sharing a deeply personal story from his teenage years, Ryan highlights the exhilarating highs of pursuing his passion for music and the challenging lows of navigating societal expectations. Through his narrative, he explores the signs that indicate you are on your true path and the importance of aligning with your authentic self. Join Ryan as he delves into the emotions, struggles, and revelations that have shaped his life and his mission to help others find their unique success.

- 00:02 - Introduction to the podcast and the core belief in defining success on your own terms.
- 00:26 - Ryan welcomes listeners and introduces the free success assessment tool available on his website.
- 01:06- Exploring the feeling of uncertainty about life’s direction and Ryan’s personal story.
- 01:30- Ryan shares a pivotal moment from his past: leaving high school early to tour with his band.
- 02:38 - The sense of destiny and purpose that guided Ryan during his music career.
- 03:37 - Challenges and life changes that led Ryan to a new path, including an agreement with his father to attend college.
- 04:07 - The transition from music to college and the corporate world, and the loss of connection to his passion.
- 05:36 - Reflections on how music aligned with Ryan’s sense of purpose and the impact of transformational songs.
- 06:37 - Creating spaces for transformation and inspiration in various stages of life.
- 07:23 - Ryan’s involvement in leadership meetings and the inspirational stories that fueled them.
- 08:09 - The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and Ryan’s experience with the Flow Research Collective’s Zero to Dangerous course.
-  09:28 - Discovering the power of coaching and its transformative effect on Ryan’s life.
- 10:17 - Encouragement to find and follow your true path, even when it’s not the obvious one.
- 10:48 - Promoting the Success IQ Assessment and its benefits for emotional intelligence improvement.
- 11:04 - Ryan’s analogy of a Maserati in a dusty garage to illustrate the feeling of being on the wrong path.
- 13:28 - Signs you might be on the wrong path and the emotional toll it takes.
- 15:25 - The importance of conducting a life audit to realign with your true purpose.
- 17:09 - Steps to take for realigning your life with your authentic self, including a life audit and setting specific goals.
- 24:05 - The significance of having a mentor or life coach and finding the right guidance and support.
- 26:07 - Encouraging listeners to be open to new experiences and take risks in finding their path.
- 27:21 - Final thoughts on the importance of defining success on your own terms and the impact of living authentically.

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