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#32 - The Self-Sacrifice Myth: Resourcing for Success

In this episode of The Personal Success Podcast, Ryan delves into the critical importance of self-resourcing for achieving authentic success. He begins by addressing a personal story where a listener misinterpreted his advice on self-care, leading to a discussion about the societal paradox of self-sacrifice over self-care.


Ryan explores five key areas of resourcingā€”emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and timeā€”and explains how neglecting these can lead to burnout, dissatisfaction, and poor performance. He also provides practical tips and insights on how to fully resource oneself to live a more balanced, fulfilling, and successful life.



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00:01 - Introduction:

- Welcome to The Personal Success Podcast with Ryan Watts.

- Overview of the episode's focus on self-resourcing for success.


00:29 - Listener's Response and Misunderstanding

- Ryan shares a story about a listener's negative response to his advice on self-care.

- Importance of clarifying the distinction between self-care and self-sacrifice.


00:56 - The Paradox of Self-Sacrifice

- Cultural beliefs around prioritizing others over oneself.

- The negative impacts of this mindset on new parents, employees, and life partners.


01:26 - Introduction to 1:1 Personal Success Coaching

- Announcement and benefits of personal success coaching.

- Steps to get started with a complimentary coaching consultation.


02:26 - Clarifying Self-Resourcing

- Explanation of putting oneself first to ensure being fully resourced.

- Introduction to the five key areas of self-resourcing: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and time.


03:00 - Emotional Resourcing

- Importance of emotional intelligence and healthy boundaries.

- Tips on personal growth, spiritual practice, and mindfulness.


05:18 - Mental Resourcing

- Cognitive tools, stress management techniques, and creative outlets.

- Benefits of being mentally resourced.


07:08 - Physical Resourcing

- Importance of regular exercise, nutrition, sleep, and preventative care.

- Description of what it feels like to be fully physically resourced.


09:18 - Spiritual Resourcing

- Various spiritual practices and their benefits.

- Impact of being spiritually resourced on overall well-being.


11:47 - Time Resourcing

- Time management techniques, efficiency practices, and realistic expectations.

- Benefits of being fully time resourced.


14:17 - Call to Action: Success IQ Assessment

- Introduction to the Success IQ Assessment.

- Steps to take the assessment and benefits of understanding one's strengths and obstacles.


15:07 - Consequences of Neglecting Self-Resourcing

- Emotional depletion, mental fatigue, physical health issues, spiritual disconnect, and poor time management.

- Long-term negative impacts on quality of life and relationships.


19:11 - Conclusion:

- Reinforcement of the importance of self-resourcing.

- Encouragement to take responsibility for one's own resourcing.

- Final call to action to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation and take the Success IQ Assessment.



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