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#15 - 20 Questions with my Life Partner

Join us on a profound journey of personal development and life lessons with Ryan Watts and his life partner, Micah. Despite some audio challenges, their conversation illuminates the depths of personal growth, relationships, and the essence of change, making this episode both enlightening and heartwarming.



- **[00:00]** Introduction to the podcast.

- **[00:13]** Micah shares a pivotal life lesson learned the hard way, discussing the impact of family dynamics on personal choices.**(00:37-02:26)**

- **[02:49]** The profound joy and life-changing moments of meeting her children for the first time.**(02:57-03:49)**

- **[04:18]** A shift in dreams: From aspiring missionary to finding purpose in nature and community service, inspired by Ron Finley. **(04:18-06:45)**

- **[07:11]** Insights on love and relationships: Learning the importance of being complete individuals in a partnership. **(07:11-08:06)**

- **[11:50]** The transformational impact of a book on Micah's understanding of compassion and acceptance.**(11:50-14:06)**

- **[15:43]** The desire to learn ASL and the importance of communication in understanding and meeting needs.**(15:43-17:46)**

- **[18:24]** Defining success: A reflection on personal and professional achievements, contentment, and the journey ahead. **(18:24-19:24)**

- **[20:23]** The most meaningful gift: Exploring the significance of gifts and the moments that make them memorable.**(20:23-21:09)**

- **[22:11]** Gratitude and partnership: The value of having a supportive partner and expressing gratitude in everyday life.**(22:11-23:57)**

- **[24:21]** Future goals and dreams: Planning for a thriving garden and embracing the small, joyful moments of life.**(24:21-26:39)**

- **[27:09]** Evolving beliefs: A candid discussion on faith, spirituality, and the quest for understanding beyond organized religion.**(27:09-28:52)**

- **[29:19]** Self-care and recharging: Navigating the challenges of self-care amidst the demands of parenting and life. **(29:19-29:58)**

- **[30:11]** Learning from relationships: The journey towards self-assertiveness and maintaining individuality within a partnership. **(30:11-31:23)**

- **[33:00]** Closing remarks: Ryan wraps up the episode, sharing gratitude for the conversation and introducing the new Success IQ concept. **(33:00-33:30)**

This episode, despite its technical imperfections, offers a genuine glimpse into the transformative power of introspection, the strength derived from adversity, and the beauty of shared growth within relationships.