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BONUS: Choosing Clarity Over Comfort: A Conversation with Heath Hunsaker on Opting Into Life

In this bonus episode of the Ryan Watts Life Coaching Podcast, Ryan engages in a deep-dive conversation with Heath Hunsaker, the visionary behind Rise Over Run Coaching. Together, they explore the transformative power of clarity, the pivotal role of choice in our lives, and the essential steps towards opting into life rather than merely existing.

Through Heath's expert insights and Ryan's reflective queries, listeners are invited to reconsider their life's direction, understand the significance of making conscious choices, and discover how to attain clarity amidst the noise of daily life.

Watch the YouTube Version HERE! 

**00:00 - Introduction**
- Ryan introduces the episode, emphasizing the importance of clarity in expanding choices, and introduces guest Heath Hunsaker of Rise Over Run Coaching.

**00:30 - Heath Hunsaker and Rise Over Run Coaching**
- Overview of and the success IQ tool available at 

**00:51 - Heath's Background**
- Heath Hunsaker shares his journey as a certified high-performance coach and his mission to encourage people to opt into life, countering societal tendencies to opt-out.

**01:52 - The Importance of Gaining Clarity**
- Discussion on how clarity about one's desires and alignment with personal values can prevent opting out of life, and the impact of social media on human connection.

**03:15 - Opting In vs. Opting Out**
- Ryan reflects on personal and client experiences regarding the choice between actively engaging in life ("opting in") and passively existing ("opting out").

**05:12 - Choice and Clarity in Life**
- Heath emphasizes the power of choice in overcoming the barrage of information and distractions in today's society, advocating for intentional decision-making.

**07:08 - Viewing Life's Challenges as Choices**
- The conversation shifts to seeing life events as opportunities rather than obstacles, highlighting the role of perspective in personal growth.

**08:28 - Barriers to Making Choices**
- Heath and Ryan discuss the mental barriers that prevent people from making choices, particularly the lack of clarity and the fear of uncertainty.

**10:17 - Clarity vs. Certainty**
- A distinction is made between seeking clarity in decision-making and the unrealistic pursuit of certainty, stressing the importance of competence in the face of uncertainty.

**12:13 - Analysis Paralysis and Decision Making**
- The episode touches on the common issue of overanalyzing choices, encouraging listeners to take action and learn from their decisions.

**14:10 - Learning from Failure**
- Heath advocates for the concept of "failing fast" as a means to quickly learn and adapt, underscoring the value of failure in the journey to success.

**16:37 - How to Work with Heath**
- Heath offers listeners a Clarity Worksheet on his website, designed to help individuals gain better insight into their personal goals and success markers.

17:29 - Conclusion
- Ryan wraps up the episode by thanking Heath for the insightful discussion on clarity and directing listeners to both and his own tool for assessing success IQ.