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#16 - The Alchemy of Being: Scott Concinnity on Art, Magic, and Transformative Storytelling


In this episode of the Ryan Watts Life Coaching Podcast, Ryan has a profound conversation with Scott Concinnity of AutoMythic Coaching. They delve deep into topics of personal development, the essence of human goodness, and the transformative power of storytelling.

This episode is a testament to Scott's belief in the power of love, understanding, and the arts to transform lives. It encourages listeners to embrace their stories and journeys towards self-realization and personal growth.

- **[00:00]** Ryan introduces the podcast and mentions the success IQ assessment available on his website.

- **[00:27]** Scott Concinnity is introduced as the guest. Scott, a coach from AutoMythic Coaching, brings a unique perspective on storytelling, personal growth, and human goodness.

- **[00:55]** The discussion ventures into philosophical territories, covering the nature of good and evil, the impact of personal stories, and the concept of healing. Scott highlights storytelling's role in shaping perceptions and embracing stories for personal growth.

- **[02:07]** Scott describes his multifaceted identity as an artist, wizard, psychopomp, and life coach. He shares his journey from recognizing his artistry in childhood to integrating art into various aspects of his life.

- **[09:20]** The conversation explores the challenges and blocks to artistic expression, including periods of grief and how practice can aid in continuing the creative process.

- **[18:33]** Scott introduces the concept of wizardry, relating it to the ability to see and create magic in the world through understanding and redefining what is considered magical.

- **[25:57]** The role of a psychopomp as a spiritual guide is discussed, with references to historical and fictional examples like Virgil from Dante's Divine Comedy.

- **[35:24]** Scott elaborates on how healing and personal transformation are central themes in his life coaching practice, emphasizing the importance of creating a safe space for clients to explore and grow.

- **[53:45]** The notion of fundamental human goodness is examined, with Scott arguing against the existence of inherent evil and advocating for the healing potential in everyone.

- **[01:15:18]** Ryan and Scott wrap up by discussing how healing individuals can contribute to the healing of others within their social networks, touching upon concepts like emergence and the interconnectedness of human experiences.