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#20 - SUCCESS IQ: Mastering the Inner Game: SELF-REGULATION for Personal Triumph


In this episode of the Ryan Watts Life Coaching Podcast, we embark on a deep dive into the vital role of self-regulation within the realm of Success IQ. Ryan Watts unravels the complexities of self-regulation, describing it as a cornerstone for achieving both personal and professional success. Through an exploration of its four key tenets—Awareness, Standards, Strategies, and Persistence—listeners are guided on how to master their emotional responses, set meaningful standards, employ effective strategies, and cultivate resilience to maintain progress toward their goals.

Highlighting the significance of self-regulation, Ryan shares the transformative journey of Sarah, a freelance graphic designer whose dedication to self-regulation principles dramatically reshapes her career path and personal fulfillment. The episode further delves into practical strategies for enhancing self-regulation, including goal setting, mindfulness, time management, and the crucial role of self-compassion.

Addressing common obstacles and unhealthy coping mechanisms, Ryan emphasizes adaptability, seeking support, and practicing self-compassion as essential strategies to overcome challenges in self-regulation.

This episode is laden with insights and actionable advice for those looking to elevate their personal and professional lives.

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- **[00:01]** Welcome and Introduction by Ryan Watts.
- **[00:08]** Overview of the Success IQ series focusing on emotional intelligence through the lens of success, introducing the concept of Success IQ.

**Deep Dive into Self-Regulation**
- **[00:38 - 01:06]** Introduction to the episode's focus on self-regulation, the second pillar of Success IQ, covering its importance in achieving personal and professional goals.
- **[01:34 - 02:03]** Discussion on self-regulation issues and the difference between suppressing emotions and managing emotional reactions.
- **[02:32 - 03:00]** The science behind self-regulation, including the role of the prefrontal cortex, limbic system, and the dopamine reward system.

**Key Tenets of Self-Regulation**
- **[03:27 - 06:25]** Exploration of the four tenets of self-regulation: Awareness, Standards, Strategies, and Persistence, starting with a deep dive into Awareness.
- **[07:43 - 08:56]** Standards as a framework for self-regulation, setting personal and professional benchmarks.
- **[09:55 - 15:16]** Strategies for managing impulses and maintaining focus, including goal setting, mindfulness, and time management.
- **[15:16 - 18:31]** Persistence in self-regulation, emphasizing resilience, adaptability, and the importance of continuous effort.

**Practical Application and Strategies**
- **[18:31 - 24:58]** Sharing the story of Sarah, a freelance graphic designer, illustrating the transformative power of self-regulation in achieving personal dreams.
- **[24:58 - 29:50]** Practical strategies for enhancing self-regulation, including goal tracking, mindfulness, meditation, and time management.
- **[29:50 - 34:43]** Highlighting unhealthy self-regulation methods such as procrastination, substance abuse, and emotional eating.
- **[34:43 - 39:00]** Addressing common obstacles to self-regulation: external pressures, stress, and internal conflicts.
- **[39:00 - 43:57]** The importance of adaptability, seeking support, and practicing self-compassion in overcoming self-regulation challenges.
- **[43:57 - 48:49]** Emphasizing seeking support and self-compassion as key components in enhancing self-regulation.

- **[48:49 - 50:46]** Recap of the episode's key points on mastering self-regulation for personal success and the announcement of the next episode focusing on motivation.