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#21 - From Struggle to Strength: Goran Klobucar's Mindset Power Revolution

In this episode of the Ryan Watts Life Coaching Podcast, Ryan welcomes Goran Klobucar, a mindset coach from Slovenia, for a deeply insightful conversation on personal transformation, the importance of mindset, and overcoming limiting beliefs. Goran shares his own journey from feeling incomplete and unworthy to discovering the power of mindset and self-growth through therapy and coaching. He emphasizes the impact of childhood experiences, the influence of parental behavior, and the necessity of facing one's own beliefs and fears to achieve personal fulfillment.

The discussion explores the universal nature of their experiences, highlighting the similarities between their stories despite cultural differences and underscoring the shared human experience of seeking meaning and growth. Goran outlines his mission to help others awaken to their potential, confront fears, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. He stresses the significance of self-talk, the role of a coach as an accountability partner, and the importance of setting goals while being open to the journey's unfolding.

Ryan and Goran explore the distinctions between therapy and coaching, with therapy focusing on understanding past influences and coaching aimed at building a future strategy. They share transformative experiences with clients and emphasize the power of facing fears and stepping outside one's comfort zone for personal growth. The episode concludes with Goran offering practical advice for those beginning their journey of personal transformation, highlighting the importance of decision-making, finding a strong 'why,' seeking help, celebrating achievements, and never giving up.

Listeners are left with a wealth of knowledge on the transformative power of mindset, the value of personal growth, and the steps to embark on their own journey of self-improvement.

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- **[00:00-03:24]** Introduction of Goran Klobucar and his coaching focus on mindset and personal growth. Goran shares his personal journey of transformation, emphasizing the feeling of incompleteness and unworthiness that led him to seek change.

- **[03:25-06:21]** Goran delves into the root causes of his feelings, tracing them back to childhood experiences and the impact of parental behavior. He highlights the importance of confronting these foundational beliefs to understand one's self-imposed limitations.

- **[06:22-09:39]** The discussion shifts to Goran's approach to overcoming his limiting beliefs through therapy, coaching, and self-discovery. He stresses the significance of mindset in shaping one's life and the necessity of self-care and introspection.

- **[09:40-12:05]** Ryan and Goran explore the universality of their experiences, noting the similarities despite cultural differences. They discuss the shared human journey of seeking growth and understanding, underlining the importance of mindset work.

- **[12:06-15:57]** Goran outlines his mission to help others on their path to self-awareness and empowerment. He emphasizes the role of fear in hindering progress and the critical step of facing fears to unlock one's potential.

- **[15:58-20:47]** The conversation turns to practical steps for personal growth, including the importance of setting goals, seeking help, and engaging in positive self-talk. Goran shares insights into the process of changing one's beliefs and the impact on life quality.

- **[20:48-24:32]** Distinctions between therapy and coaching are discussed, with therapy focusing on past issues and coaching aimed at future strategies and potential. Goran shares a transformative client experience that highlights the power of facing fears.

- **[24:33-28:23]** Ryan and Goran talk about their personal practices for continuous growth, including setting goals, journaling, and pushing beyond comfort zones. They share how these practices have impacted their lives and coaching.

- **[28:24-33:59]** The episode concludes with Goran offering advice to those beginning their journey of personal transformation. He lays out seven steps for growth, emphasizing decision-making, finding a strong 'why,' and the power of accountability.

- **[34:00-37:18]** Goran details the difference between therapy and coaching, highlighting therapy's focus on the past to understand its impact on the present and coaching's future-oriented strategy building.

- **[37:19-40:59]** Goran shares a transformative experience with a client, emphasizing the power of confronting fears and the importance of small steps towards overcoming limiting beliefs.

- **[41:00-45:40]** The process of engaging with potential clients is discussed, including the use of a discovery call and mindset assessment to tailor coaching strategies to individual needs.

- **[45:41-47:54]** Goals within Goran's practice are examined, emphasizing the significance of setting, adapting, and not being overly attached to specific outcomes.

- **[47:55-53:43]** Goran speaks on the importance of continuous learning and pushing oneself beyond comfort zones, sharing personal experiences of growth and learning.

- **[53:44-58:19]** The conversation circles back to the importance of self-talk, with Goran urging listeners to be mindful of their internal dialogue and its impact on their lives.

- **[58:20-End]** Ryan and Goran wrap up the episode, with Goran sharing contact information for those interested in his coaching services and parting thoughts on the importance of self-discovery and embracing personal growth.

Listeners are provided with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of mindset in personal growth, along with actionable advice for starting their own journey of transformation.