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How To Show Up For A Coaching Call

coaching life coaching May 08, 2023

It can be an adjustment initially connecting with a life coach. And if you're not familiar with interacting through Zoom, this can be even more uncomfortable.  However, a good coach will put you at ease, creating an open, comfortable atmosphere.

And even with all of these considerations, it is still advisable to do what you can to optimize your coaching session. Remember that unlike counseling and therapy, it is truly up to the coachee (you) to bring the coaching focus.

As you approach you coaching session, consider the following.

  1. Put yourself at ease

Before the call, take a moment to clear your mind. This can look like a five minute meditation or taking a brief walk. The objective is to get you into the frame of mind where you can be present. If you can achieve this state, you are free to more effectively explore the coaching topic.

2. Have an idea of what you want to be coached on

This is a big one. Have an idea of where you'd like to start. You certainly may not end up where you think but it's good to provide a starting point.

From experience, this is not always easy. Perhaps this roadblock is what needs to be explored in the coaching conversation.

Another way to discover where to start is by simply scanning the various domains of life for what doesn't 'feel' right. Consider your professional, relational, financial or other domain. Any resistance, negative feeling, or trouble you may see or feel usually suggests that something here needs explored. Often the sessions that don't have as clear of a direction are the most magical.

3. Be Honest with yourself (and your coach)

Again, you want to feel open, trusting, and comfortable with your coach. Coaches are bound to confidentiality with what you discuss. Truth be told, there probably isn't much that an experienced coach hasn't heard.

The coaches responsibility in the conversation is to be curious and ask questions with that curiosity. If you were to leave out a key piece of information, it could lead to lackluster results.

A good coach will know if something is missing. However, it is not the coach's job to point this out.

4.  Put on your explorer hat

When going into a coaching conversation, you may be required to consider some questions, ideas, and thoughts that you may initially feel resistance towards. Be willing to explore areas of thought that you may not be as familiar with.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that anyone put themselves in an uncomfortable situation. However, I am suggesting that a coach may ask questions that are challenging and a bit uncomfortable.

For example, holding a possibility in mind though a coachee may think it does not apply to them, can sometimes cause shifts in paradigms which are paramount to the transformations possible through life coaching.

All in all, relax, be open, and have fun! With this attitude, you're well on your way to your Emergence...


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