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Unleashing The Higher Self

mindfulness self-trust Jun 09, 2023

We start life as infants, expressing ourselves through cries triggered by our nervous system. As we grow, we seek social approval, status, and family. These instincts are influenced by the fight or flight response (sympathetic nervous system) and the restful state (parasympathetic nervous system). Science supports these instincts.

However, there's another aspect of our experience to consider: our consciousness, soul, or essential being. This is the part of us that is reading this now, using the nervous system to gather data. We'll refer to it as our higher self. Many struggle to create a distinction between the physical body and the higher self, leading to addiction, poor habits, and being overly controlled by the nervous system. This article explores three ideas around discerning the physical body from our consciousness, allowing for greater expression of the higher self.

Create the Space

To recognize your higher self, set aside moments of solitude and silence. Be still and receptive, tuning into your intuition. Notice nudges, synchronicities, and subtleties. Trust your instincts, even when they violate others' opinions. Mindful meditation helps by creating awareness of thoughts and stepping back to observe them. This helps differentiate between the higher self and the physical body.

The trick is to create the space to hear what it is you want. Listen deeply, heed the call.

Build Self-Trust

Confusion and uncertainty arise due to the relationship between the higher self and the physical body. Prioritize activities that enhance this connection. Follow your intuition with trust, even if it leads you in unexpected directions. Engage in creative habits and listen to soul-moving music. Practice radical acceptance, loving and accepting your current life circumstances.

Accept whatever you are and you will create the space in which you will become what you want to be.


Consider what you're holding onto: failures, dreams, relationships, pain. We have a natural tendency to hold on, but it limits our capacity for new experiences. Letting go allows new life to enter. Holding on to past relationships or grievances prevents full engagement with new relationships and experiences. Nostalgia can make it harder to release things. Acknowledge the comfort these things provide but understand that holding on prevents growth. Let go to create space for new life.

Holding on can be scary or betraying to those we love. But the cost of holding on isn't always apparent to us. The cost is that we can't experience the present while holding on to the past. Its best to let it go and make room for what is currently in your life. Don't become overly concerned with what happened in the past or what could happen in the future.

The root of our human struggle lies in the balancing of our nervous system. But more importantly, our higher self has far more impact on our experience of life. Our higher self is where our power lies. Use these ideas and practices to better access and encourage the flourishing of the higher self.

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